Our Facility

MEYKON produces the high quality fruit juice concentrates, puree concentrates, purees and essences at its facility located at South of Turkey, a city called Antalya which is the most fertile region in Turkey.
The facility has completely built up using the latest German and Italian technology and every machinery is the latest versions with the latest improvements.

The facts about our facility:
  • Total area of 24.000m2, closed area of 10.000m2
  • Total of 95 staff is working at MEYKON where 15 of those works at administrative levels and 5 of those are managers of various departments
  • The facility contains 4 different production lines as well as a puree production line
  • Every line has a processing capacity of 500 tons/apple per day
  • With 4 independent lines and a puree line, the facility is capable of producing 4 different products at a time
  • The machinery our facility contains are:
    • 6 Belt Presses
    • 2 Bucher Presses
    • 4 Evaporators
    • Bucher Ultra Filters
    • Aseptic Line
    • Fruit juice bottling line from 250 to 2000cc glass bottle
    • Tetrapak line will be implemented to our plant soon
Facility has the largest storage area capacity of Turkey. It contains 100 storage tanks which each of them has 80 tons of capacity. Also, cold storage rooms with capacity of 7500 tons serves for the high temperature sensitive products.

MEYKON's Power of Raw Material Supply

MEYKON has over than 240 spots of orchards at various regions of Turkey and with its very well organized supply chain MEYKON collects all kinds of fruits growing in Turkey which gives us our power for supplying any kind of fruits with the best quality possible.

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