MEYKON is a subsidiary company of KOBIL Group and has been established in 1994 by Mr. İsmet KOYUN who is a well known entrepreneur in Germany. MEYKON has been serving its premium products to the fruit juice industry for almost 20 years now and with its high quality production and excellent service, MEYKON has gained high reputation through the years and now is a reliable supplier for fruit juice concentrates, puree concentrates, purees and essences.

With our knowledge, experience, high quality production and customer service, we will continue to keep up with the latest technological/legal/ethical improvements and regulations and will continue to serve the best for the fruit juice and beverage industry.

MEYKON's policy is to create longlasting cooperations and from the very beginning of our establishment, we have set up our strategy on win-win basis with respect to mutual advantage. With our ethical business behaviour, know-how and professional working system, we have built successful company relationships continuing more than a decade.

MEYKON'S Mission:

According to our mission, customer satisfaction is the first aim to be achieved and it forms the framework of our mission. To be able to maintain the highest technology production and to meet the customer's needs and expectations:
  • MEYKON spends great time and efforts to research and development
  • Keeps up with the latest technological upgrades and instantly implements the new improvements to its processing lines
  • Pays attention to staff's personal development and regularly organizes training programs
  • Provides prompt shipment and after sales support at high standards
  • Focuses on the customer's needs and offers customer oriented special products which meets any special demand

MEYKON's Vision:

Our mission serves as a base of our vision and MEYKON uses its mission as a road leading to vision. By successfully fulfilling the goals of mission, MEYKON states its vision as:
  • Always serving the consumers the healthiest products with the highest quality possible
  • To be the one of the giants of the World in fruit juices sector
  • To be innovative and looking forward to enhancements of any extents
  • Increasing the brand value of MEYKON
  • Always enlarging the markets we are exporting and reaching the maximum numbers of customer database
  • To be environmental friendly and always protecting the natural environment

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